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Coating with Asphalt

We do the job thoroughly as we well as we try to do it as quickly as possible but of course with not impact on quality. We provide the following services in coating with asphalt:

Construction of road from zero;
Coating with asphalt;
Repair of road pits and roads.

Our approach to construction and repair of road is one of seriousness and responsibility. Technologies we apply make the asphalt coating long standing so the roads we build or repair will not require repair for a long time.

In addition, our company has other advantages:

Own fleet of equipment allowing us to do our job problem free and in time;

Qualified specialists;

Flexible pricing.

Land works

Land has to be prepared for road construction (or repair) and also the underground communications have to be dismantled and re-installed. Land works is one of the most important stage in road construction because the future road quality would depend on how good the land was worked. We can do this job with expertly and quickly thanks to our specialist and resources.

We can do the following jobs:

• earthwork,
• clearance of area from stubs, trees, stones
• moving of existing underground engineering systems
• leveling of slopes,
• puddling of soil,
• pumping out water from formed pits.

Dump trucks, tractors, crane trucks and other special equipment aimed at geodesic and land works is going to be used in the above jobs.

We carry out the job with quality and in time because:

• we have our own fleet of required equipment
• qualified specialists;
• experience.

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