General Information

Company Jemile and partners with ES Ak Kerwen in particular have confidently entered road construction business in 2010.

There are a great number of companies working in this business.  Therefore selection of high class contractors for this specific work becomes complicated with time.

Nevertheless, we applied our advanced approaches to management and established a solid team of professionals who possess significant experience in road construction projects.  Vast knowledge and experience of these professionals allow them to set the ambitious goals for future development.

We are proud that ES Ak Kerwen implemented complex and difficult projects that required specific innovational approach.

We completed construction and commissioned the road that was done under complicated mountainous and geologic conditions of the mountainous area in the vicinity of Makhtumkuli (former Kara Kala).

We are ready to execute the projects of any complexity category in future.

You get confidence that your project is going to be successfully completed in the set timeframes and with high quality by contacting us.  We carefully study the requirements of our clients and follow their most stringent ones.

 Our key principles:

–  Honest and open approach;

–  Confidence of clients;

— Stringent observation of industrial norms and standards;

— Promotion of advanced equipment and technology.