Company of Jemile (Individual Enterprise Jemile) commenced activities in 1998 by providing the services of one minibus.

As time went by and was reaching the year 2000, the company was able to enter the market of transportation services for the companies exploring and producing oil and natural gas in Turkmenistan thanks to aspiration to highest service quality.

This is the period when Jemile began working with partners Economic Society Ak Kerwen and Entrepreneur Arslan Karadjayev for mutual benefit.  Partners are now giving priority administrative, technical and financial support.

Moreover, range of the services expanded to provide special services like provision of fuel trucks, dump trucks, trailers and other transportation vehicles for special purposes.

Partner Company received extensive contract in 2004 for provision of transportation services to one of the leading multinational oil and gas companies.

Since that moment began the sustainable and confident introduction of Jemile and partners into the market of passenger and special transportation (water, fuel, wastes).

Since 2013 Jemile and partners possess the license for transportation of dangerous goods allowing considerably easing oil and gas operations in the remote areas.

Fleet of vehicles and special equipment was constantly growing all these years.  Partners led by ES Ak Kerwen in 2010 engaged in construction of the roads operating on principles and approaches of the highest quality service.  Partners carry on extensive development and aspiration to satisfy the most stringent quality standards.