Company Jemile (Individual Enterprise Jemile) has been established in 1993 and commenced transportation services in 1998.  In 2003 IE Jemile joined together with partners for expansion in this business.

We are engaged in passenger and cargo transportation, conventional and specialized equipment rental in Turkmenistan.

We take assured niche in the market of Turkmenistan with over 20 years of working experience and serving clients mostly from oil and gas sector.

We are a sole owner of all our vehicles and specialized equipment counting to a significant quantity ranging from business class cars, minibuses, pick-ups to buses and fuel trucks.   This grants you guarantee from the case of services cancelation or delays.  Our operations are supported from 5 operational bases that provide all works related to maintenance.

Our vehicles and specialized equipment are equipped with satellite navigation for GPS tracking allowing to monitor movement and know exactly the location of our vehicles at any given moment.

We were recognized by the international oil and gas companies for observation of the safety standards and regularly receive positive feedback.

Please contact us and we will be pleased to take your order and complete it a required and in time.