Asphalt works

We provide follow asphalting services:

– Construction of roadbed from the scratch;
– laying new asphalt;
– repair of bumps and existing roads.

Our approach to construction and repair of the roads is that it is a serious infrastructural project, a work that requires responsible consideration. Works are completed at a fastest pace but with quality maintained. Technologies that we apply make asphalt cover last for years. This way the road we construct or repair will need no repeat repair for a long time.

Besides that, our company has also other advantages:

– Proprietary fleet of specialized equipment allowing us to implement the job in challenging deadlines;
– qualified professionals;
– flexible pricing system.


Earth cover has to be prepared for road construction (or repair) together with dismantling and assembling of underground communications. Earthworks are one of the most important stages in road construction because the quality of the future road depends on how good the earth was prepared. We complete these activities professionally and quickly thanks to our specialists and resources.

We do the following works:

• Road cut;
• clearance of the territory from stumps, trees, stones;
• removing and relocating existing underground engineering systems;
• leveling slopes;
• soil condensing;
• draining water from excavation.

We use dump trucks, tractors, crane trucks for earthworks and other activities as well as other specialized equipment intended for geodetic and other works.